Thursday, June 21, 2012

Defender of the Crumbling School

No lore today. Except "Argendauss is a bad-ass." I think that might be in one of Tolkein's letters...

Man, this helmet has been sitting in my vault for months. I really like rare helms, as you will see in future updates. I'm actually kinda disappointed that you don't get an Engineer hat for buying LotRO on Steam. I mean, it's not like that isn't common practice. But anyway, I designed the outfit around this helmet and my desire to show off my moors gear.

The helmet Gwanwenhar has an undyeable ranger-green colored portion to it that would go great with OD champ armor, let me tell ya. But I don't have that stuff so I used my moors armor instead.

Whoops! Isn't the first time I've swapped weapons in a photoshoot.

  • Head:  Gwanwenhar (orange dye); T1 Orthanc drop
  • Shoulders:  Ceremonial Shoulders of the West Tower (gold dye); Skirm camp
  • Back:  Wyrmscale Protector's Cloak (white dye); Draigoch crafted
  • Chest:  Breastplate of Command (ranger green dye); Moors Captain
  • Hands:  Gloves of the Tireless Sentinel (orange dye); Warden Draigoch set
  • Legs:  Leggings of Perseverance (ranger green dye); Moors Captain
  • Feet:  Potent Great River Boots of Deflection (orange dye); T7 heavy crafted
  • Shield:  Eastern Herald's Shield; Stangard rep barter


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing more rare helms. I've never seen this one before! :)

    1. There's one that looks kinda like a Conquistador helmet ("morion") out there. Haven't gotten my hands on it myself. One is a drop from Glinghant (who runs that?) and the other is a ToO T2 locks 1-3 drop with 134 agi and other stuff, so I ain't gonna be getting that one for cosmetics. But even without the morion I've got some stuff I'm cooking up.

  2. I like this one, very army-like with the right colour of green and the helmet!

    1. I appreciate it! One combination with this helmet that I recommend looking at is with the Champ OD armor, which has some green tones to play with. I guess the Eastemnet preorder armor falls into that category now too.