Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Raid Ready Part 1: Warden

As a LotRO player, I'm a Captain first and foremost. However, I've immensely enjoyed playing my Warden and am very happy that I chose the class as my first alt. Things I have to push the limit to do on Argendauss, I can do with Rechart with ease. Wardens are awesome!

Last night I completed my first T2 raid on my Warden. We've been downing T2C Kalbak and T2 Giants for about a month now, but except for clearing the T2 Acid trash one night on my Warden I've been raiding on my Captain. So I was lucky to be able to join this other group as Rechart on the 3rd pull of T2 Lightning. I cotanked the trash no problem, and we downed Kalbak in two tries. I was actually might geared and assailment specced for the boss, as the Guard single tanked it (he's good). One thing I regret is that I didn't make it crystal clear that with me in the group, the Hunters could go balls-to-the-wall with DPS instead of hanging back like good First Age DPS Hunters are apt to do. I mentioned that I would be keeping up conviction for their benefit, but I wasn't forceful because it wasn't my raid and I wasn't going to step on any toes. The leader listened and swapped all the Hunters to my group which was a good move (conviction is fellowship-wide). However, I interviewed one of the Hunters (happened to be my kinmate) afterwards and he wasn't really aware of how I was essentially negating all his threat, and he had throttled his DPS even though I'd said what assailment conviction would do. He and the others throttled so much that after factoring in that, the fact that some Hunters had to run from shock, the fact that one of them died an was rezzed, etc. I ended up doing 390k damage of the 1.6M morale boss (only damage coming from myself, 3 Hunters, 1 LM, and the tank). They didn't suck, they just (responsibly) hung back when they could have actually unleashed all their fury! (Also I'm a beast of a Warden with DPS, relatively speaking). Next time I'll be louder, heh. But hey, small tactical inefficiencies and misunderstandings aside, we downed him with ease. Good job Tekuila Eckos and friends!

So, the outfit. This is the Warden Orthanc raid gear with some modifications. Thats the theme for this post and the upcoming one--Raid Ready. The Warden chestpiece is neat in that it starts off as a blue-so-dark-it's-black like every other Orthanc piece, but as you travel upwards on the cuirass it fades into this neat dark teal color. A while ago I crafted a Wyrmscale Acrobat's Cloak for a Hunter friend of mine (stashing it in my wardrobe first! I have no agility classes), and I was overjoyed to find that the undyable portion on the top of the cloak matched reasonably well with the teal of the Warden chestpiece. After I matched the crafted heavy shoulders to the ensemble, I was ready to go!

For a while I went helmetless. Nothing seemed to quite fit with the outfit, though I did try the heavy Annuminas helm that funnily enough has been appearing in some other good outfits lately. Normally its rather uncommon. However, for Raid Ready Rechart, it's too Elven and has this metallic gleam that doesn't suit me here. Fortunately, I found the old 'moors Warden Frór's Studded Helm. I've still got a dream to own some 'moors Warden DPS armor, but I bit the bullet and spent some comms on this instead. I say it looks rather good. No regrets here. Besides, y'all already know I sometimes enjoy unnecessary spikes on things like gauntlets and hammers.

PS that's just a shield for photoshoot purposes. I'm not crazy enough to use a lvl 58 shield, though I've seen otherwise excellently skilled and geared wardens make the mistake of using this old thing. That phys mit looks nice and fancy, but raid geared Wardens cap common mitigation without trying! And physical mit itself means nothing, only that it contributes to common mit which is what you want to watch.


  • Head:  Frór's Studded Helm (crimson dye); Ettenmoors Warden barter
  • Shoulders:  Thick Elven Soldier's Shoulder Guards (Rivendell green dye); heavy crafted
  • Back:  Wyrmscale Acrobat's Cloak (white dye); Draigoch crafted
  • Chest:  Jacket of the Thamen; ToO Warden barter
  • Hands:  Gloves of the Thamen; ToO Warden barter
  • Feet:  Boots of the Thamen; ToO Warden barter


  1. Really sharp combination of chestpiece, helm, shoulders and cloak! That dark, desaturated teal is such an unusual colour and you've matched it so well. Love it! :)

    1. I appreciate it. "Desaturated" nice. I study Engineering--don't learn much about colors so I'm picking up terms as I go along.

    2. Oh, you said sharp, I geddit! 'cuz the head and shoulders are pointy, hyuk hyuk hyuk

  2. whoa, this guy looks dangerous! he would definitely catch both of my eyes if I saw him somewhere in the field or town. and the colors are also very unique, I don't think I've ever seen something like that!

    1. He is dangerous! Now he's got a really pointy spear too. It's got unnecessary spikes on the haft of it. Ridiculous.

      Rechart out damages anybody out there unless they're really on top of their gear and rotation. Impressive as a warden. Whenever a kinmate gets a new tank to 75 and starts getting geared, they see if I can pull aggro off him via DPS in the troll boss of foundry. Then if they pass me they graduate him to the excellent hunters we have.