Saturday, June 30, 2012

Raid Ready Part 2: Captain

My main man Argendauss here. He was my first and, for a while, only character in this game. My gaming buddies from L4D got me into LotRO, my first serious MMO. Sometimes I would hear them in Teamspeak talking about protecting pies from nosy hobbits, and I was like "Lol, forget that!" But a little after the advent of free-to-play LotRO, they convinced me and several other clanmates to join up and give LotRO a try. I created Argendauss, and I got hooked. And you know, I didn't have to perform many silly quests for hobbits because I could play in Bree and Ered Luin.

This is Raid Ready Captain. Well armed and heavily armored support. Up for whatever's asked of me. The first add of every trash pull melts when I pop Telling Mark -> To-Arms -> Command set Sure Strike -> Oathies. Shadow's Lament + Threatening Shout means pesky grims are on me and out of the group. High tact mit and Martyr's bubble, 'cause the healers got other folks to worry about. Speaking of saving the healers some trouble, if I retrait, swap gear, and step down the road to Lightning wing, I do mad healing support. Chainsaw AoE overheals from near-constant Rally Cries and  >1.5 Valiant Strikes/minute means healers can focus more on tank-healing and buffing. Yes, I said 1.5 VS/min (or more) and not 1 VS/1.5 min; I've got two and a half bags full of gear so I always have the right tools for the job. I love being a captain.

We have here a hodgepodge of Orthanc armors. I love the Orthanc style, but I get a little sick of seeing all these clones running around Stangard and Galtrev in their full sets. So I did something a little different (and frivolous since I don't have a Guard) and combined some of my favorite pieces into one outfit. The Guardian breastplate is just the coolest--powerful and intimidating. The Warden shoulder-guards break up the symmetry and catch the eye, but the real head-turner is Gongarab. I'm not even sure how to describe this helmet. It's a product of fantasy, to be sure. The closest thing I could find to it using Google was this picture of a Burgonet that I found. I just know it's mean and heavy and fits Argendauss's closed-helm style.


  • Head:  Gongarab (black dye); T1 Saruman drop
  • Shoulders:  Shoulder Guards of the Aithlen; Warden ToO barter
  • Back:  Wyrmscale Protector's Cloak (black dye); Draigoch crafted
  • Chest:  Breastplate of the Laighathel; Guardian ToO barter
  • Hands:  Scout's Weathered Leather Gloves (black dye); Dunland quest reward
  • Legs:  Leggings of the Dagor; Captain ToO barter
  • Feet:  Sabatons of the Dagor; Captain ToO barter

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