Friday, June 15, 2012

Shining Steel

Clad in shining steel of dwarven make, Argendauss Donderrion battles the forces of Isengard with fercocity. No sight inspires the warriors of the free peoples more than a Captain inflicting blunt-force-trauma with a massive Greathammer to the minions of evil. "To Arms, my Blade-Brothers!"

Every single captain in Moria had an outfit using this armor. It just looks so good. Most of the clever ones included this very helm. That's unfortunately made this armor a rather common sight (something I like to steer clear of if I can). However, this outfit quickly grew to be my favorite again when I realized that the hunter Helegrod spaulders have this great shiny steel coloring when dyed white. Yet I've never seen them paired with the Hall-general's armor. On the shoulder pieces, the tones of light grey fading into dark grey pracically mirror those of the Hall-General cuirass and tassets, and the prominent gold accents fit well. The gauntlets were the hardest part of this outfit for me, and I had to decide between the Helegrod guardian gauntlets, with their perfectly matching tones of grey, and the Helegrod champ gauntlets, who's bulk and design I am in love with. I did what any real man would do and picked the gauntlets that looked as if they were sharp, deadly weapons.

That's right Concorde, hold the line while I get this in-combat shot. Sorry I didn't equip Loyalty for you or buff you. Your sacrifice was not in vain, and I shall tell the masses of the internet of your valor. Or at least the few that will view this blog.


  • Head:  Helm of Peace (white dye); world drop
  • Shoulders:  Shoulders of the Aurochs (white dye); Helegrod hunter set
  • Back:  Cloak of the Mallorn (white dye); LotRO store
  • Chest:  Hall-general's Armor (white dye); Moria captain barter
  • Hands:  Dragon-scale Gloves (white dye); Helegrod champion set
  • Legs:  Hall-general's Leggings (white dye); Moria captain barter
  • Feet:  Hall-general's Boots (white dye); Moria captain barter


  1. That outfit looks really great on your captain. Sadly the Moria armour looks questionable on female captains - IMO, at least - and I probably wouldn't be able to pull it off on mine.

    Nice blog, looking forward to more posts!

    1. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it! I'm gonna try to be more considerate next time and say "awesome, thanks :)" instead of just thinking "awesome, thanks :)"

  2. Looks really nice, but wondering how you acquired the helmet (just random drop from any mob)?

    1. Thanks! Yessir, that's how I got my helmet, by drop. However, I am told that there's a rep barter helmet over in Mirkwood that looks just the same. So I'll direct you over across the Anduin to get yourself one.