Friday, June 15, 2012

Troll Slayer

I'm Argendauss. First thing you oughta know about me is that I'm a Captain. I'm a jack-of-all-trades, the Swiss Army knife of raids. I do a little bit of everything, and I'm damn good at all of it. See this big boy here? I tanked him, and I spanked him. Took my great hammer and smacked him where the sun don't shine... then acquainted him to the sun! He's more like a housing trophy now.

So the outfit: Don't you love these shoulders? You see 'em everywhere right. Man, I feel you; they're kinda overused. But here I dyed them grey and got this nice charcoal color. Then I matched these slick lookin' vambraces and half-greaves to them and got something dark, brooding, and functional. The scale mail and surcoat look like something a cavalry man would wear, but it doesn't quite look Rohirric. And I'm rockin' the lesser Moria barter heavy helm, because the second thing you should know is that Argendauss pretty much always wears a full helm.

Throw it all together and you have one heavily armored captain in shadowy heavy armor. Speaking of dark, sorry about the low lighting. I just really had it in my head to take the pics in Dargnahk.

  • Head:  Helm of the Brazen Call (navy dye); Moria heavy barter
  • Shoulders:  Huranc (grey dye); Pits T2C drop
  • Back:  Gludra-Clog (navy dye); isen instance drop
  • Chest:  Scarred Surcoat of the Pren Gwydn Warrior (navy dye); Dunlending quest reward
  • Hands:  Dolen-Lhaw (grey dye)
  • Feet:  Forged-Iron Dunlending Boots (grey dye); Dunlending quest reward

Woo, look at this, a bonus pic! I've had this outfit for a while. This here is Argendauss hitting lvl 75. I've got this really awesome shot of Argendauss bathed in white light while I hit /roar, but I didn't get the UI out of the way quick enough! Check the Mirkwood heavy crafted helm and store-bought Cloak of the Mallorn. Enjoy the horse and the heads on spikes photobombing.

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