Saturday, July 14, 2012

Acolyte of Dagor

Some who still dwell in Middle Earth have the knowledge of runes as Celebrimbor did long ago. Their enchanted inscriptions might sometimes inspire Free Peoples to greatness, but other times their runes spell out death to evil. This battle Runekeeper scribes the latter type. He is a satirist and a doomsayer; orcs must heed his words when they come to fiery life before their very eyes. This runekeeper's sturdy dwarven frame is clad in steel and mail, yet his dexterous hands are free to etch out powerful condemnations of his enemies. This Acolyte of Dagor has made a literary career of war.

The model you see here is Voltdorf, my lvl 19 RK. I had a lot of fun with making this, so much that I actually wear the outfit on my man Loremaster (who I just started leveling; he needs his own outfit). Voltdorf is so named 'cause he does the whole electricity thing, and because he's a dorf. In fact, all my low-level dorfs have dorf in their name.

Y'all know what this blog's all about. Battle-ready outfits. I was inspired to create a heavy armor outfit with a distinct RK feel, and I feel pretty good about what I came up with. Leggings are usually the hardest part of an outfit for me, but this time I just knew I wanted a long skirt type piece. I'm not entirely sure how practical these 'moors Captain leggings are, what with their open front and cloth... codpiece hanging down. However, I think that long flowy style just fits a caster type. I love these Minstrel gloves too.


  • Head:  Elven Tracker's Hood (crimson dye); Sch/Lib drop
  • Shoulders:  Ceremonial Shoulders of the Learned (black dye); Helegrod cosmetic
  • Back:  Stalker's Cloak (white dye); Skirmish cloak vendor
  • Chest:  Breastplate of Might (crimson dye); world drop
  • Hands:  Ceremonial Silver-voice Gloves (black dye); Helegrod cosmetic
  • Legs:  Leggings of Command (red dye); 'moors Captain armor
  • Feet:  Ceremonial Boots of the Learned (black dye); Helegrod cosmetic


  1. Very distinctive and well-matched, I love it! I really like how the legs carry down the mail from the chest piece. Great write-up and title too. Well done! :D

    I have a "rare helms" question for you. I have the Elven Tracker's Hood in a level 50-ish version from the Library/School -- do you happen to know if the Pageturner's Cap is a level 75 drop only, or does it also come in lower-level versions?

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words!

      As to the cap, I expect them to be on the same lootlist, and if the Tracker's Hood is confirmed in lvl 50-ish version (I've seen it too, leveling up on my Warden), by association the Pageturner's Cap must be available too.

    2. Thanks Jackson, that was my thought too. I've been farming for that cap, but so far with no luck. I'll keep at it with fingers crossed!

  2. Oms, you are so good at this! Your outfits are very crisp and really come together as a whole. They have a layered look to them, almost like a well-engineered painting. :)


    /added to blogroll

    1. "Well Engineered" I think that's my favorite compliment on this blog, seein' as thats my field. Thank you so much! Got you listed on the right side of the page as well.