Sunday, July 22, 2012

Raid Ready Part 3: Hunter

Raid Ready Part 3! I've been wanting to post this for a while. This here is my kinmate Xerodegreez, and I thought his outfit fit very well with Raid Ready theme. That is, he takes parts of the ToO armor and mixes and matches and makes it his own while keeping the dark feel of the original Orthanc set. I remember Xero's excitement when he put this set together, and I was happy when he responded affirmative to my request to feature this outfit.

Xerodegreez describes his thought process when putting this outfit together:

"This outfit is a mix raid outfit between a couple cap 60 Ettenmoors pieces (Head and chest) as well as 3 of the hunter Isengard raid set, with crafted shoulders and cosmetic backpack. The outfit was inspired by a darker idea of a ranger. Firstly I started with a couple different outfits modeled through the ideas of elvish rangers or hunters. Then idea evolved, and so I tried to create an outfit that would seem even a more daunting foe than an elvish ranger. The chest piece as well gives it a heavier armor appearance along with the sizable gauntlets and boots. The shoulders and pack though, give it the appearance of experience in the wilderness, holding true to the nature of tracker of the woods."

One unfortunate aspect of the ToO armor is that it is two-toned. The gloves and boots tend to be a deep midnight blue, whereas the rest of the armor is black. This rule of thumb varies by class armor; the captain gloves, for instance, look very different in color than the rest of the set. Here I like how Xero put the midnight blue of the 'moors chest and helm with the even darker blue gloves. Also look at the glove shape and how it appears to go well with the pauldron shape.

  • Head:  Helm of the Hawk-eye (black dye); 'moors Hunter set
  • Shoulders:  Strong Westfold Skirmish Pauldrons (black dye); T7 medium crafted
  • Back:  Campaigner's Backpack (black dye); LotRO store
  • Chest:  Jacket of the Hawk-eye (red dye); 'moors Hunter set
  • Hands:  Gloves of the Faron; ToO Hunter set
  • Legs:  Trousers of the Faron; ToO Hunter set
  • Feet:  Boots of the Faron: ToO Hunter set


  1. Nice, really unique sillouhette! The white tuft of fur on the chest piece really makes it work. Cheers to Xerodegreez! :)