Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Beastlord

A few weeks ago I began heavily leveling my lowbie loremaster Metaxas alongside my kinmate's guardian. This is my third toon to start leveling with any seriousness, but he is the first I've leveled exclusively in a group. Due in part to my fascination with loremaster healing and also to pay homage to a gaming buddy of mine who plays a blue loremaster, I've decided to rock Keeper of Animals traits (and two reds) while I level Metaxas. The survivability of our little leveling duo is quite high; after my debuffs are in place, 20s Beacon of Hope keeps my guard buddy in good shape.

I am eagerly anticipating getting heal-specific traits, legacies, and armor sets so that I can optimally heal RoR 3-mans whenever they're released--maybe I'll even have time to play the current ones on level.

As always, I want my characters to look sturdy and ready for battle. They should retain the feel of their classes, though. I believe this ensemble accomplishes both goals. The mantle and helm just scream "caster!" so I think at first glance everybody gets the idea that this is a loremaster.  It altogether looks regal and ceremonial, so I call this outfit The Beastlord.

My starting piece for building this set was the Navigator's Cap. It's a rare one, which is always an immediate draw for me. The coloring of it dictated I go with something iron, which I'm always happy to do. In searching for appropriately loremastery shoulders, I came upon the Stone-student set from Moria. While it was a tad lighter than the metal of the Navigator's Cap, I knew it was the piece for me. Afterwards, everything else just fell into place. I am still elated by how well the champ Rift gloves work with shoulders; I even considered the champ Rift breastplate, but decided I liked better the extra green and the little steel plates I get from the Dwarven-style Carn Dum Breastplate. I feel the weakest part of this set is the leggings... they don't quite look right to me. The sort of greeny-beige hem of the leggings work with the stripes on the cloth parts of the shoulders, but the brown pants ain't right. However, the skull buckle more than makes up for anything the brown pants detract from the outfit. I mean, it's a dragon skull on The Beastlord set.

Check out how the little metal studs on the strips of cloth hanging down from the shoulders look juxtaposed with the larger steel plates of the breastplate.


  • Head:  Navigator's Cap (black dye); Inn of the Forsaken instance drop
  • Back:  Trenarngol (black dye); ToO T1 locks 1-3 drop
  • Shoulders:  Ceremonial Shoulders of the Stone-student (Rivendell green dye); skirm cosmetics
  • Chest:  Carn Dum Breastplate (Rivendell green dye); world drop
  • Hands:  Ceremonial Gloves of the Gloom-bane (white dye); skirm cosmetics
  • Legs:  Spellweaver's Leggings (dark green dye); Loremaster Draigoch set
  • Feet:  Ceremonial Boots of the Learned (grey dye); skirm cosmetics
  • Weapon:  Misremembered Wizard's Staff; Annuminas kindred barter


  1. Hiya! What a great idea for a cosmetics blog.



    I really like this outfit; the gauntlets work so well with the shoulders. I'm a big fan of how shapes work together in outfits, even more so than I'm interested in color. I'm excited to see more armour outfits!

    1. I appreciate the encouraging words! Man I still pleased with myself on how well the gloves/shoulders pair together.

      Shapes eh? I oughta think about that more. I guess it just so happened that this outfit featured a lot of straight lines and squares, especially in the chest region. Color is what I go with usually because it's so stinkin' obvious, even to me. I don't really describe myself as an artsy guy--I'm an engineer. This whole little project's been a good exercise for the right side of my brain.

  2. I really like the interplay between the legs, chest, and shoulders here. The different sizes of the squares really works and the green/gold/grey looks great. I'm with Laenlis, it's the shapes that really make this awesome. :)

    1. Thanks a bunch! I'll take y'all's advice. I've got an outfit coming down the pipes that involves good shape coordination. Just gotta grind for it

  3. heyy, your outfits don't surprise me - they are as perfect as I know them or better :)) this one is really exotic and I love the non-hackneyed pieces used

    1. Thank you Frey! I appreciate you teaching me a new word there. Originality is something I--we all--strive for so I'm glad to hear I reached that goal here.

  4. Ohhh, you use one of my favorite staves (the upper ones). Nice pictures. :)

    1. Thanks!

      The day they allow for cosmetic weapons, I'll be very happy. Weapon animations would be a stumbling block in the implementation of that feature. Especially with folks swapping around between weapons, like champs who swap in dual weapons for fervor builders and swap back to their 2-hander for the fervor users. That would be quite a trick to account for in code.

      I've heard from someone in the original beta that Turbine basically told everyone that they have the resources to implement cosmetic armor or cosmetic weapons: take your pick. The rest is history, I guess.