Monday, August 13, 2012

Dog of War

The basic idea for this outfit is something I've been wanting to do for a long time--combine OD heavy armor pieces into something unique. In fact, the vision I had for this outfit is similar to the one I had for the Raid Ready series, except this armor is dyeable.
This outfit, which I've dubbed "Dog of War" is comprised almost exclusively of OD Captain and Guardian pieces. As the original sets for both Captains and Guardians have a similar cut, this outfit doesn't look too different from either. The devil is in the details, however. When pairing the Captain chestpiece with the Guardian leggings, one gets the illusion of the character wearing a scale shirt tucked into a belt, all over a coat of mail. The crimson and gold spaulders of the Captain set just go perfectly with the segmented plate tassets on the Guardian leggings. I appreciate the comments on the use of shapes that I have received in the past, and I hope y'all are as pleased with this outfit as I am regarding complimentary shapes within this outfit.
Observe Argendauss's hands on the pictures above and below this text. While the Burglar OD pair of gloves is one of the most popular pieces from OD for cosmetic purposes, the rest are godawful. I have no use for fingerless gloves on my heavily armored captain. Perhaps sometimes they are appropriate, but not here. This rejection of the OD gloves forced me to look elsewhere, but nothing quite fit. I almost went with the T7 heavy gloves, but then I remembered a little trick: essentially less is more when it reveals something good underneath. Perfect gloves would be gold plate with crimson borders like the shoulders and legs, but to my knowledge, those gloves don't exist. In lieu of that, the sleeve pattern of the chest piece does nicely.
I am enamored with this helmet. Argendauss almost always wears full helms. I see this one and I think Norman masked helm. The little wings make me think too of a Polish winged hussar, this is not the kind of overly-frilly Roman-style helms they tended to use. Alls I knows is that it's flippin sweet, and I like it.
I tend to save choosing a cloak for last. There are so many out there that I say that one could make any base outfit and then find a great matching cloak for that outfit. That's what I did here. I decided I wanted crimson armor, and I was quite happy to find in my vault this Silky Cloak of Destruction. I think I got it the Dunbog for killing some big nasties instead of making daisy chains with them; I dunno. I just know really captures the feel of the "Dog of War."
  • Head:  Lesser Ward of the West Helmet (crimson dye); OD Guardian barter
  • Shoulders:  Cry of the West Shoulder Guards (crimson dye); OD Captain barter
  • Back:  Silky Cloak of Destruction (crimson dye); Dunbog quest reward
  • Chest:  Lesser Cry of the West Breastplate (crimson dye); OD Captain barter
  • Hands:  Enduring Dwarf-steel Gloves of Fleetness (white dye); like, literally everywhere
  • Legs:  Lesser Ward of the West Leggings (crimson dye); OD Guardian barter
  • Feet:  Cry of the West Boots (crimson dye); OD Captain barter


  1. Love this one, so raid-ready indeed! Especially the helmet is amazing. Almost a shame that I don't play any male characters to try these on.

    1. I'm glad you like it! I've been eyeing that helm for about a year now--glad I finally scraped together enough seals to put together an outfit that'll do it justice.

      Part of the reason for that is we've been running OD more. We got all our mini's their 3-set that gives them fellowship-wide Call of Greatness. I'm also 4/5 for my Cry of the West set (need Fear or Gortheron coin), which when macro-swapped would allow me to generate a defeat response with Valiant Strike. I don't run in HoH except during trash pulls, so VS isn't worth a damn for me normally. This would essentially make VS another Time of Need for me, except I could lower the cooldown even further by swapping to my 3-GC set, which I'm already set up to do.

      The only flaw in this is that in RoR, Valiant Strike is going to actually be a HoT no matter what traits are equipped. This means IF I choose to hot-swap Cry of the West in for my Valiant Strikes, I'll lower the potency of it by some amount. By my rough figuring it won't be too much--less then 10% loss in heals on one skill for a defeat response.

    2. I should say Northmen Medallions and not seals.

  2. This is striking. You don't see many people wearing this armour. Another OD set I need to save northmen medallions for *sigh*

    1. This is one of my favorite outfits, so I appreciate it! The best way to get those medallions is jump in with a raid group blasting through OD. You occasionally see those here on Brandywine.