Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have some sillyl photos. Since I"m drunk, now's a good a time as any to show you them. Typing interesting words is usually hard, but I feel really good at it right now.

Here are some silly screenshot's I've amassed in the past several weeks.

(later EDIT: I'm not going to change this, I think it's funny and I hope you do to.

It's a dorf in a box!

So like if you didn't know, if you just so happen to stand in the spawn point of a chest during an instance or raid, you'll get stuck there when the chest spawns! Look at this ridiculous dorf. He was standing in the spawn of an OD wound wing chest. So greedy. Now he's stuck. Why didn't I get hte protection buff?

I'm faaaallllinggggg!

SPOILER ALERT! You don't kill Saruman in the ToO raid. That would break lore harder than an RK does. You just get kicked off the tower by a spoil-sport Saruman. In this picture, I get kicked off the tower even better than my raid members. Look at my awesomeness falling from the tower. It falls faster, because Galileo  didn't think to test the awesomeness variable when dropping objects from the leaning tower of Pisa. BOOM!

Helloooo ladies!

While leveling in Eregion, I found a rainbow in the middle of the night. I laughed with my kinmate  and said "lol gay" as 20-something guys are apt to do, but I took a screenshot in an outfit of silly quest gear that I'd kept. I know you like it.

I have an actual real outfit post in the pipes for later, but enjoy this for now. Goodnight.

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