Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rohirric Warden: Skirmisher

Wardens are versatile fighters capable of holding the line in melee as well as dispatching enemies from range. Here, the Warden Rechart is the embodiment of the javelin discipline of Wardens. Fighting as a mounted skirmisher, Rechart casts javelins at foes as he weaves across the battlefield on his nimble, light horse. Only when his enemies are wounded does he charge in for the kill.
Rechart is clad in a leather riding hauberk and plumed, crested helm. Steel greaves, spaulders, and demi-gauntlets protect his extremities, along with his shield.
I am enjoying the little project I set out to do, though in creating so many rules I've given myself a little difficulty. In particular, I grapple with simultaneously maintaining an iconic Rohirric feel and creating a unique and easily distinguishable outfit. To me, the plumed crests and prominent nasal pieces of the helmets the Rohirrim are portrayed as wearing in this game embody Riders of Rohan almost as much as the hauberks they wear. In crafting this outfit and some others of this series, I chose to forego using such helms as the Helm of the Eastemnet because they are so gosh-darned common.
Also, while a Theodred/GR heavy helm looks great with this outfit, I love this Doom-hunter's helm. I see it and I think Napoleonic Dragoon, which isn't really lore appropriate, but it looks so darned good. This Warden looks unmistakably like a horseman, which is good enough for me.

I'm happy with the way the outfit itself looks, but it matches better with the Eorlingas horse than the Eastemnet horse. This makes sense, as the chestpiece here is the Hauberk of Eorlingas. My hope is that I will be able to dye the green portion of the Eastemnet Warsteed Rivendell green, or perhaps make the brown more pronounced.
You might have seen before, but I like these shoulders and boots. Along with some gauntlets I didn't use, they form part of a heavy armor quest set, so pairing them makes sense. Here in the metal portions of this outfit, I've use two different tones:  dull, white steel and shiny steel. This is primarily a product of me just really liking the silhouette of both the shoulders and the helm. Were I to be very matchy matchy with the metal tones, I could ditch the gloves and helm in favor of the aforementioned quest gloves and the Theodred heavy helm. Another option would be to exchange these Lanthiranc shoulders with a particularly shiny Dunland quest reward which I cannot seem to find... they look like shiny plates hot-glued to the dude's shoulders, sticking out awkwardly. I'm not a fan of the shape of those, preferring Lanthiranc. Anyway, enough rambling about could-have-dones. Perhaps this outfit will evolve as October looms closer.

I love this cape, wear and tear and all.
  • Head:  Ceremonial Doom-hunter's Helm (olive dye); Rift cosmetic
  • Shoulders:  Lanthiranc (white dye); ToO Shadow T1 drop. Also quest stuff, also Galtrev rep barter
  • Back:  Stowed Threadbare Cloak (green dye); Inn of Forsaken skirm barter
  • Chest:  Hauberk of the Eorlingas; RoI preorder
  • Hands:  Ceremonial Doom-hunter's Gloves (olive dye); Rift cosmetic
  • Feet:  Copper-inlaid boots (white dye); Orthanc pre-dailies quest. Also Dunland.
Stay tuned for my Captain, my Loremaster, and perhaps another Warden set (this one for a heavy lancer)!


  1. Great outfit! I'm totally baffled by the shoulder parts. Nice looking shoulder parts are hard to come by, and these are PERFECT for an armour outfit. I need to get these for my outfit collection!

    Tonight ToO T1 lock 1-4 is on the calendar, and even though I really fall asleep at T1 these days, perhaps I should give it a go after all...

    1. I'm glad you like it! Yes I love the silhouette of these shoulders. Heavy, practical, unpretentious.

      You can also get them in Galtrev, I believe from the Dunland rep guy. I just like to be fancy and use raid drops when possible. I actually need Lesgaim from T2 locks 1-3 for Rohirric Warden: Lancer. It seems I've deleted that cosmetic from my wardrobe and have done nearly all the quests that drop that cosmetic on Argendauss and Rechart. Metaxas is lvl 61, so I suppose I'm almost poised to reacquire them from the Bonevales.

      So, are you happy we get more time to beat Saruman T2 before RoR? I know I am.

  2. Very nice! The cloak here is a revelation to me. I love those two tattered cloaks but I would never have thought to pair this one with the Hauberk of the Eorlingas -- and it looks amazing! The off-white central stripe looks great with the boots and gloves, too. :)