Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ruin Warden

I have a very sparse backstory for my race of man characters, all with the surname Donderrion (which is a bastardization of a minor ASoIaF character's surname). To paraphrase the backstory as I described it to Frey:
The Donderrions are a clan of Dale men who traversed the Misty Mountains to settle in Eriador after Smaug razed Dale and claimed the Lonely Mountain as his lair. The Donderrions integrated with the DĂșnedain, and now Argendauss, Rechart, Metaxas and their clan fight to restore an ancient kingdom that is not theirs by heritage, but by choice.
Rechart is my second character, but I feel like I've done the most questing on him. I'm certainly closer to World Renowned on Rechart, as he's become kindred with the Eglain and Lossoth--and I'll be damned if I want to grind that out on Arg.
From the ruins of Rhudaur, the tombs of Cardolan, and the crumbling cities of Arthedain, Rechart has traversed across Arnor, restoring that ancient kingdom one quest at a time. Bandits and robbers fear him, for he strikes them with spear and javelin wherever they be. Hiding behind broken pillars and crumbling walls will not save these defilers from the wrath of the DĂșnedain.
I love how the medium armor ToO T0 chestpiece looks when dyed white. Pale blue's a good color, but at the same time it's challenging to match. They really oughta make a new blue dye. Basically, with sky blue, you gotta find pieces that either dye that way with white dye or are just blue to begin with. Anyway, I think I managed to do that again with this set.
I'm so glad I got a chance to use the mystery cloak here. That's pretty fun! Conthol is a light armor helmet, but if it just had a visor on it, I'd call it a medium or heavy helmet!
So, quick story about the cloak:
I met a guy briefly this summer in a Turtle run on U7.1 Bullroarer. I was telling him about stat doses in LotRO itemization, because I'm a numbers guy and I like that sort of stuff. The conversation started with how the Gauntlets of Perseverance had gotten fixed thanks to a group effort to /bug the armor and how the ring Sidhrin still needed the same treatment. We ended up discussing cosmetics because he recognized my Captain's name from LotRO Fashion. He had this great idea for a use of the Chain Cloak of Mystery (which used a very specific design on the cloak, which I did not use. The Evendim blue dye choice is all him though).  I ain't gonna spoil what his theme was. This Warden outfit here spawned from that brainstorming session for mystery man's outfit (which was going to be distinctly heavy, whereas this here is medium). Hopefully he sees this and posts a comment of what he came up with from that conversation.
  • Head:  Conthol (grey dye); T1 Saruman drop
  • Shoulders:  Braigranc (grey dye); T2 Dargnahk drop
  • Back:  Chain Cloak of Mystery (Evendim blue dye); skirm camp
  • Chest:  Jacket of the Fist-way (white dye); T0 ToO medium armor
  • Hands:  Fel-Durnvol (white dye); Isen Instance drop
  • Feet:  Boots of the Fist-way (white dye); T0 ToO medium armor


  1. Awesome colours. As you were saying, I wish we could duplicate colours like these with dyes.

    And whoah, that's one of the mystery cloaks? I didn't realize they looked so good.

    This outfit's a head-turner, I would definitely look twice if someone ran past in this! :)

    1. I appreciate it!

      Yeah that outfit. Man, if I saw it out-and-about and I weren't, like, the one who actually made it, I'd be thinkin': "How in the hell did you get that color out of--oh, I see. Funky base hue on those pieces. Tricky."

      I have a story about that cloak, and I'm gonna add it into the actual post now that I think about it.

  2. Outstanding outfit! I've yet to find a way to incorporate those purple ToO medium chest pieces into an outfit because of the base color. So far, I've only had success by using black as a base dye. Kudos for using such a difficult piece so successfully!

    I'd have to agree with starrymantle about that particular mystery cloak. I stopped buying those cloaks because I've had such terrible luck on the revealable I think I'll give them another go!

    1. Thanks! These pieces do dye very oddly. I mean I've been wanting to make an Imperial Guard outfit from the heavy helm so I could run around with a keybind for '/say Stop right there, Criminal Scum!', but the colorin' just ain't right.

      Hymne has another good use for that jacket too.

  3. Brotherhood without Banners. :)

    Very striking, he looks awesome. I really like how you used color, keeping with a cool pallette throughout.


    1. Hey thanks! I love me some A Song of Ice and Fire. Maybe I oughta do a Westeros themed outfit, huh?

    2. Yes!! I've thought of making one for Brienne...

  4. great outfit and amazing color blend. he's definitely unique and handsome :)

    1. Thank you Frey! In other news, be wary of putting that helmet on one of your hobbits. It makes my dorfs' foreheads look like fiveheads, so I can imagine it would be unflattering on a hobbit as well.