Thursday, August 30, 2012

Skyrim Break

Hey guys, sorry to disappoint, but I'm gonna take a little break from my irregular posting schedule.

School's started, but that's not really an issue. It's my last semester and I'm taking easy classes. I just gotta get a job and pass, in that order.

I have two out of three more Rohan outfits almost ready to go. I'm just missing one piece for each--some Dunland quest gloves that share the appearance of the ToO gloves Lesgaim and a certain cloak that I won't name. For the gloves, I've exhausted the quests that drop those on both Argendauss and Rechart. Metaxas is getting very close to the Bonevales, at 62, so I intend to get them that way. If I had raided more these past two weeks, I might have been able to snag Lesgaim, since all our burgs/hunters have it. Frustratingly enough, I've used these gloves before. I just threw them away or something. The cloak, I'll acquire on Metaxas as well.

Speaking of Metaxas, the inspiration for his Rohirric outfit just hasn't hit me yet. I'm coming to hate the trousers of the Rohirrim Tunic from Stangard, but the issue mostly coming up with an outfit that looks both sturdy and Loremastery without rehashing prior successes or stealing other people's great ideas.

The biggest thing hindering me from getting the pieces I need is that I've been playing Skyrim a ton lately. I attribute that mostly to hearing one of my kinmates talk about it (he's a little late to the part and just started playing it seriously). Some of the blame belongs to another blogger, but I won't point any fingers.

You'll see 'em before RoR, that I promise.

I'll leave you with this cool Skyrim mod that I found. It adds a lot of really good looking armor to the game in a reasonable fashion. No super awesome stats, no lore-breaking. Perhaps the war-mage heavy armor looks a little out of place, though I do play a heavily armored, mace-wielding Argonian who strides into battle with a double-cast Stoneflesh and a Flame Cloak on top of his normal defenses. Anyway, the mod is called Immersive Armors, and it adds a ton of cosmetic stuff to Skyrim. This is right up my alley. Here's a taste. I believe that the fellow who put all this together, hothtrooper44, made the armor in the first and last picture here. He assembled some work by other talented guys into this mod, as is exhibited in the center picture. Enjoy!


  1. Wow such fancy graphics! :D Did you read recently the comment (I think from Sapience)that a character model redesign is possibly on the table next year for LOTRO? I wonder what will come of that...

    Enjoy your break! :)

    1. Oh wow, I missed that. That's amazing (and exciting) news!

    2. Yes, it's great to know that they are even looking into it. I do hope something comes of it.

      If anyone else is curious, here's a link to Sapience's post (hope you don't mind, Jackson!):

    3. That is awesome, I had totally missed it somehow. Thank you for the link! Maybe we'll get some cool braided viking beards for the Dalemen, etc.

  2. Good luck with school! I look forward to seeing your new outfits when you get back :)

  3. I appreciate the well wishes, y'all! I've been logging on only for raid time these past couple weeks. Cleared Lightning and F&F again before moving on to Shadow, and for each loot session I was crossing my fingers for Lesgaim to drop. No dice. When it does, or when I actually level my LM, you'll see the Rohirric Warden: Lancer outfit I've got.

  4. "...I won't point any fingers... [LINK]" LOL

    I'm happy to hear you're having such fun in Skyrim and I must say that mod looks amazing! I'm not too impressed with the available armour in Skyrim - well, much of it looks nice, but there just isn't that much variation. I was looking for a mod introducing nice dresses, but couldn't find any to my liking. Perhaps I'll download this armour mod for my two-handed warrioress. :)

    Oh, and are those screenshots by you? Cause if so, you did an amazing job. Great shots!

    1. No no, I ripped them from the particular mod they came from. I figured the url would suffice for citation, but I guess not.

      Here is something very exiting. It's a mod tool called Automatic Variants, that basically allows for you to add in multiple textures or even meshes for the same item. This means, if you see two retextures of, I dunno, Elven armor that you like, you can add both in at once. When the item or creature renders in game, Automatic Variants will force one of the textures to load in. If you look at the mod, you'll see this tech making three Falmer--the same enemy--all have a different appearance. The possibilities for adding diverse eyecandy to the game are enormous. This is a new tool, so there's not many mods utilizing it yet, but I for one am watching the Nexus like a hawk for some grand compilation.

    2. That's great stuff, I hope modders are going to look into that, indeed.

      I forgot to wish you good luck finding a job and finishing your studies. I don't have that much time to blog myself either, so I know what it's like. I wish you all the best. :)