Monday, September 24, 2012

Rohirric Loremaster

Of the renowned adventurers hailing from the Donderrion clan of Northmen, Metaxas is the eldest. While Argendauss is a gallant crusader in the fight against Sauron's growing influence, and whereas Rechart is a stalwart defender of the Free People from Forochel to Rivendell, Metaxas Donderrion is a different sort of man. Metaxas fashions himself as both a seeker and applier of knowledge; he is a Loremaster. 
Metaxas's pack is filled with bags of powders and jars of liquids, the properties of which are known to few beings, much less short-lived men. In seconds, he can produce from that pack both cures for his allies and flames for his foes. Of the martial arts, Metaxas is a master of both staff and sword. When his enemies are not consumed by nature's fury, they succumb to cracked skills and cleaved limbs. Metaxas has wandered Middle Earth, seeing and learning the frigid forests of the Misty Mountains and southern Forochel, the treacherous Old Forest, and the endless golden canopy of Lothlorien. Through his journeys, nature has become his ally, and it fights with this Loremaster against Mordor's armies.