Saturday, October 13, 2012

Captain Build Spreadsheet

This isn't LotRO outfitting related, but I do what I want!

I've updated my Captain build-planning spreadsheet for RoR. The cool thing about this spreadsheet is that it requires very little work from you. I have pretty much every piece of armor/jewelry anything that an endgame captain would want. All you gotta do is make selections on one of the Calculations tabs, input a few things manually (weapon/emblem top stats and stat legs, food buffs, scrolls, tactics buffs, stat tomes, etc.), and your stats calculated accurately. If any gear you want to use in your build is not included, why you can easily input the data once in the gear tabs.

If you intend to have an 85 Captain, check it out. Here's the OP with better instructions than this. Link to the actual spreadsheet is at the bottom of the post and also here.

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