Friday, October 26, 2012

Mounted Dog of War

Today I wanted to share the warsteed for the Dog of War outfit that I made a while back. Dog of War, along with Raid Ready Captain, has been a favorite outfit of mine to wear--that is when I do wear an outfit instead of just my equipment (more on that in a later post). I wish I could go all-out and make tons of warsteed outfits, but as many have noted that's a rather expensive route to go. Settling for two custom warsteed set-ups (besides the Eastemnet horse) on my Captain is all I'm willing to do at this time--especially because I will not be converting beer money to horse money for a little while. I just got some fantastic black lager on Monday... Anyway, on a more serious note, it's heartbreaking that the prices have been set so high that it's preventing or repelling other talented folks from making even a couple outfits that require store purchases. Here's hoping the ridiculous prices drop, and in the meantime take loads of pictures in the next open beta and enjoy viewing this addition to the Dog of War ensemble.

With a self-imposed goal of creating a steed outfit for the Dog of War, buying a heavy steed from the store seemed a no-brainer to me. Trotting around in just a cloth caparison gained from questing didn't seem right. Of the four heavy outfits available from the store when I made this, I rejected the Heavy Norcrofts set because it didn't have enough gold trim and the Heavy Sutcrofts because I didn't like how the cloth dyed. I chose the Heavy Entwash caparison over the Heavy Wold one for the dual reasons of the Heavy Entwash having bigger & badder plates and also for having both silver and gold trim. The halter and leggings came from quests. I note that while the Heavy Entwash halter dyed better than this Light Wold halter, the dyeable portion of the Entwash halter didn't take up enough real-estate for my liking. (I couldn't quite achieve the dark crimson I wanted with the Wold halter, and buying and applying the color burgundy would have overdarkened it).
By the way, the Heavy Wold halter looks just like the Light Wold halter. That ain't right, so /bug it.
From reading the forums, I've gathered that my favored approach to matching horse & rider, i.e. matching my mount to my character and not the other way around, may seem backwards to some folks. I'll admit to you that customizing my horse to a previously made outfit was indeed harder than outfitting the mount first and avatar second. In terms of possible cosmetic combinations the warsteed is obviously the bottleneck of ensemble, and as an engineer I'd normally tackle that first. But I'm stubborn, and I like my Dog of War.
So all the regional heavy mounts from the store have undyeable brown bits. That's the story of why there's so many darn brown plates on the horse's barding. All the gold trimming from the regional steed cosmetics is great, but the fact that they all have these undyeable brown bits drives me up the wall. It guess works well enough for me here, though, as leather-brown saddles and bags and other tack are prevalent in our double-handful of available options. Worry not for my black outfit, the Raid Ready Captain; I've averted the brown plague there.
While I moan and complain, I did get some ideas on how to incorporate rather than tolerate the browns on my Warden's outfit that I have yet to make.
I'm pleased with how the bundled-up scale-mail armor of the Warrior's Accessory goes with Argendauss's outfit!
Warsteed Pieces:
  • Head:  Light Halter of the Wold (crimson); Wold quests
  • Body:  Heavy Caparison of the Entwash (red); LotRO store
  • Saddle:  Guardian's Saddle; LotRO store
  • Legs:  Light Leggins of the Entwash (crimson); Entwash quests
  • Tail:  Default (black)
  • Hide:  Default (dark grey)
  • Accessory:  Warrior's Accessory; LotRO store & probably lootbox
Character Pieces:
  • Head:  Lesser Ward of the West Helmet (crimson dye); OD Guardian barter
  • Shoulders:  Cry of the West Shoulder Guards (crimson dye); OD Captain barter
  • Back:  Silky Cloak of Destruction (crimson dye); Dunbog quest reward
  • Chest:  Lesser Cry of the West Breastplate (crimson dye); OD Captain barter
  • Hands:  Enduring Dwarf-steel Gloves of Fleetness (white dye); like, literally everywhere
  • Legs:  Lesser Ward of the West Leggings (crimson dye); OD Guardian barter
  • Feet:  Cry of the West Boots (crimson dye); OD Captain barter


  1. Very nice! I really liked this outfit the when you first presented it, now he looks great with a matching steed too. I really like that you found a steed accessory with some scale on it to match the rider's upper body armour.

    I haven't started playing around with steed cosmetics seriously yet, but reading your post I realized I'm inclined to tackle it the same way you have -- matching the steed to the rider and not vice versa. It will be challenging until our pool of mount cosmetics grows larger!

    1. Haha, I was so pleased with myself when I found that Warrior's Accessory. Glad you like it too.

      Yeah our selection of tack & barding isn't exactly expansive, not least because Turbine's releasing things piecemeal for some reason. Bone outfit last week, and we know from beta they've got more stuff up their sleeves.

  2. I love the first picture, great work!

    1. I appreciate it! I had a good, easy run around through the North Downs, tapping Print Screen like mad.

  3. Truly heavy outfit! I guess the approach to warsteed outfitting is indeed very different from what we assumed. It's best to create one steed with one colour set and stick with that. Add some accessories and it will be the same price or even over a store exclusive class mount. Since you started out with your outfit, you've chosen your steed very well and it's a good match. I love all those pieces and colours, wish I could own them all! :D

    1. I'm glad you like the selections I made. Like I said, the halter was a hard choice.

      Hey, if they have an open beta for U9, we can have ALL the things for as long as that lasts, so maybe we can expend any pent-up creativity there.