Monday, October 8, 2012

Rohirric Captain: Knight

 This outfit is that of a heavily armored Captain sporting a Rohirric style. As I stated previously I wanted the centerpiece of the outfit to be the Hauberk of the Eastemnet gotten from preordering Riders of Rohan (either Heroic or Legendary edition).
Whereas I may have struggled a bit with my Loremaster's outfit, this one fell mostly into place with ease. The only thing is that I intended to use one of the Cloaks of Salvation from the Dunbog; alas, I have had little stomach for questing lately, and I made do with this instead. Also, you will once again see Rohan crafted pieces in this outfit (and the next), as I'm in Beta and I'm... testing screenshotability of these things. Yep, looks good.
The absolute first piece I wanted to pair with the Hauberk of the Eastemnet was the Champ pair of pauldrons from OD. Ever since those were linked in U7.1ish Bullroarer, I knew those would match up nicely. Here they are. Look at that splendid gold plate and silver outlines--matches up quite well with the Eastemnet chestpiece. For this past month I've been sporting the OD Guard helm with this ensemble (it's probably my favorite helm right now), but this Eomer helm does the job too. Metallic gold and silver are really hard to come by in the same piece, but when Rohan drops we'll be blessed with more of that in the heavy Eomer pieces.
I normally devote my paragraphs to backstory, cosmetic rambling, and more cosmetic rambling. I'm not really feeling a backstory right now though, so I'm gonna talk a bit about what Argendauss has been doing in game recently:
So in addition to my near daily Foundry & RoF runs, I've been hitting the 'moors quite hard. I've been raiding, small grouping with kin, and even soloing. I had a spurt of moors interest early this year when I first subbed, but for the past several months I'd been languishing at Rank 7. This past month, however, I finally played enough to get Rank 8! Strangely enough, while I originally subbed just to get 'moors gear including the banner, I just don't care about the banner anymore. Probably because RoR is looming near.
I also have 30-odd festival tokens and half a mind to get the festival horse, but right now my giveadammeter is indicating empty. Still love stacking up those medallions/seals/relics, though!
  • Head: (green dye); T8 lvl 85 heavy crafted
  • Shoulders: Lesser Shoulder Guards of Dunhathel (olive dye); OD Champ barter
  • Back: Cloak of Fleetness (Rivendell green dye); world drop
  • Chest: Hauberk of the Eastemnet; RoR preorder
  • Hands:  (Olive dye); T7 heavy crafted
  • Feet:  (green dye);T8 lvl 85 heavy crafted

I think, unless someone requests otherwise, I'm just going to continue leaving out the names of some crafted pieces. The description is what counts.


  1. You have made a piece that everyone wears, "hauberk of the eastmnet", really stand out and become very unique looking. I love the champ OD shoulders with this and the yellow in the cloak really pops beautifully. Well done

    1. I'm glad to hear you like the cloak. That was my second-choice of cloak so while I wouldn't say I was self-conscious of it, I definitely thought it was lacking. But good to hear others like it.

  2. I agree with Devonna, you've really made the hauberk shine and look unique. The gold and shilver combo in the various pieces looks fantastic. That first screenshot is especially beautiful!

    1. Thanks! Silver-gold is a really cool combo in general. I've used it here before too.

      I'm quite hopeful that we'll get more silver gold stuff when they unveil the Hytbold cosmetics, just based on the Warden armor and Guard/Champ? armor on

  3. Awesome stuff, as usual! Where did you take that first picture?

    1. Thanks! I was actually riding west towards the Entwash, south of some big outcropping I don't remember. In the Sutcrofts, north of Snowbourne.