Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rohirric Warden: Lancer

Last week I showed my Captain in a heavy outfit based around the Hauberk of the Eastemnet. This week, I've used that as a centerpiece for another Warden outfit. This is Rechart as a Rohirric Lancer. This Lancer outfit represents the frontline melee role that Wardens have in combat, and I've clad him in heavier armor to show that.
To differentiate this outfit from my previous outfit based on the Hauberk of the Eastemnet, I had to make some subtle distinctions. I could not really change the color scheme dictated by the centerpiece of the outfit, so instead I changed what color was dominant. While the Rohirric Knight armor is green & gold, Rechart is clad in gold & green. That's a silly statement in text, but the eye's comparison of the outfits will hold it to be true.
I couldn't help myself from reusing Gwanwenhar with this hauberk. The helm is an awkward one to match, but here the metal of the helm and the undyeable green neck-guard at the back go swell with Eastemnet hauberk (and it does go great with Champ OD armor too). I do like this single pauldron too, though I'd prefer it to be on Rechart's shield arm. I suppose here you could say he needs his right side protected while mounted, as he can't get in that sideways fighting stance Wardens use on foot.
  • Head:  Gwanwenhar (white dye); T1 Orthanc wings 1-3
  • Shoulders: Dunlending's Shoulderpad of Battle (ranger green dye); Dunlending rep
  • Back: Warden's Pack (white dye); basic cosmetics vendor
  • Chest:  Hauberk of the Eastemnet; RoR preorder
  • Hands:  (gold dye); lvl 85 heavy crafted
  • Feet:  Sabatons of the Leader (gold dye); Orthanc T0 heavy armor


  1. I like the look as a whole (dig the Eastemnet armor cosmetics) but those boots really make it WORK. Great job!

    1. Hey brother, thanks for the compliment! I always find it interesting how some pieces pop out to other people when they weren't decisions I slaved over or took extra pride in. I mean when I look at the set, I'm like "Man, those are some rockin' gloves..." And I know I make what others probably consider left-field observations on other peoples outfits too. It's just real interesting to see other perspectives, thanks for sharing!

  2. Another great looking Rohan outfit! The green really does become secondary to the gold. I agree with Sig, the boots really make it work for me too. The helm is awesome and perfectly matched (in orange dye of all things!). Nicely done! :)

    1. Oops, I copy pasted from a previous set on the helm. Fixed that.

      I'm glad you like the helm! I do think it looks better on Rechart than it does on Argendauss. I usually put full helms on Arg, whereas this is an open face here... Just seems more fitting.