Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mounted Shining Steel

 Hello again, folks. Last week, Turbine introduced the Steed of the Captain to the LotRO store, and I immediately jumped on it--even before I'd gotten a good look at it. It was just one of those things I, with a Captain main, had been anticipating for a long time. And my, my... jinglebells aside I think they did a great job designing this particular steed.
I've made mention before here and on the forums that I prefer to match steeds to existing outfits of mine. As such, I was overjoyed to see that the color scheme of the Steed of the Captain by and large went well with my Shining Steel outfit. Shining Steel feels to me like an old classic--I've had some version of it for years and I love it. Also, according to the stats is still my most popular outfit in terms of view count and second-most popular outfit in terms of view count per day (first being Dog of War). So, with great pleasure I spent a little more beer money on fixing up this new warsteed outfit.
A main feature of the Steed of the Captain is the gleaming steel barding protecting the head, neck, ankles, and hindquarters of the steed. Those pieces, I knew I wanted to keep; the caparison, however, I figured I could do without. The royal purple, the jinglebell tassels on the front--acceptable frills considering the paucity of Warsteed cosmetic options but not details I sought for this outfit.
Enter Heavy Caparison of the Wold: The gold highlights and the bits of chainmail fit the motif of Shining Steel better than the Captain's Caparison, and the outfit as a whole gains points for variety. Win-win. I love showing this outfit off. Thanks again for reading!
Warsteed Pieces:
  • Head:  Captain's Halter (gold); LotRO Store
  • Body:  Heavy Caparison of the Wold (white); LotRO store
  • Saddle:  Captain's Saddle; LotRO store
  • Legs:  Captain's Leggings (default dye); LotRO store
  • Tail:  Default (sooty)
  • Hide:  Dappled Hide (charcoal); LotRO Store
  • Accessory:  Captain's Accessory; LotRO store
Character Pieces:
  • Head:  Helm of Peace (white dye); world drop
  • Shoulders:  Shoulders of the Aurochs (white dye); Helegrod hunter set
  • Back:  Cloak of the Mallorn (white dye); LotRO store
  • Chest:  Hall-general's Armor (white dye); Moria captain barter
  • Hands:  Dragon-scale Gloves (white dye); Helegrod champion set
  • Legs:  Hall-general's Leggings (white dye); Moria captain barter
  • Feet:  Hall-general's Boots (white dye); Moria captain barter


  1. Love it! I really enjoy your mounted outfits, it's great to see how you revisit the outfits you've shared with us in the past.

    1. I appreciate it Starry! You'll see one more of those on my Captain in the future, and I probably won't have a clasp-cloak for it like I'd prefer.

      I've also got pictures of another Warden outfit, just gotta get around to typing up the post for it.