Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quick Update

I've been playing the hell out of a couple other games this past week, I'll just give y'all a rundown on what's going on.

Hotline Miami is one of those games I got into. It's a brutal, fast-paced arcade-style game, indie released in late October. I kept seeing all these good reviews on Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun, so I picked it up and spent all day and some of the next day playing it. The action is set to like hyper-speed, though I would often park my character behind a corner or closed door, anticipation building as I developed a bloody plan-of-action. Old-school graphics aside, every instance of crunching skulls and spilling guts is exhilarating. It's often called arcade-style, but each quarter oughta net you like 10 lives--dying is inevitable but fun (almost like in Dorf Fortress). And ohmygosh the soundtrack is the best. I dig everything by M|O|O|N, but right now I think I like the song for the disco level, Push It, the best.

The other thing I've been playing is Dead Rising 2, which I snagged for $7.50 at the Steam Halloween sale. I've definitely pumped more hours into it than Hotline Miami, but I ain't got as much to say about it. I just like killing zombies, saving survivors, and making jerry-rigged mobile zombie-chippers out of lawnmowers and wheelchairs.

As for outfits, I just haven't gotten around to it, sorry y'all. I've been playing other things like I said and skraiding hardcore when I get on LotRO. I have enjoyed myself tremendously on both accounts. Due to all the skraiding, including multiple run-throughs of certain skraids within the same week, with folks dropping so that only 1 might/will/agi class gets locks and is elligible to roll, I only lack a Dorf-Silver Flask from Attack at Dawn (Icy Crevasse is right out) and another Bangle to replace my Easterling's (a sidegrade I'll get around to, though I do prefer the crit from the Bangle). I've got my Knight's Platinum Studs, my crafted rings, my Iavasur, my new 2nd ages with t9 true relics; got my 3-Hytbold Charge, my 3-Hytbold Healer, my 3-Perserverance. As for gear-swapping to take advantage of various set-bonuses for different skills, I've got my RC macro, my VS macro, my ToN macro, my BoE macro, my 5-Command SS macro. Argendauss is damned near Raid Ready again. And now I get to the point for those concerned with outfitting (everybody) rather than my gear: I've decided that I want a Saruman cloak for my Mounted Raid Ready Captain outfit, and also for use until I see what the instance cluster cloaks look like. I despise the might-crafted Eomer cloak, and the Grand Harasser's Cloak from Thorog 85 earns a "Not Bad" with 113 might, 113 agi, and 384 crit but makes me lose crit, might, health, armor, and ICPR (oh and raw power, but **** that) compared to even my Wyrmscale cloak just to gain hit chance from that 113 Agi (I don't care about evade/parry; for the 'moors I'll use the vit Eomer cloak until I get Celchol from Shadow T2). Maybe I'll cave and just make the outfit with some other cloak. Anyone on Brandywine got a clasp for sale?

I do have a half-baked idea for a Halloween costume, but at this rate even Jersey kids will be showing off their costumes before I will.

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  1. I still want that Saruman cloak for my Captain's next outfit, and some certain raid shoulders for my Warden's next outfit. Bottlenecked on gear :(