Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hello, I'm back with another Outfit & Steed combo for my Warden Rechart. I got my inspiration for this one from seeing how blasted good Nathrien's "Slayer of the Sword Halls" looked with the Steed of the Warden dyed black. See I'd pointed my Warden kin leader Material Middle-Earth's way when he had recently asked me to make him an outfit. Next night, he bought the Steed of the Warden and put 2 & 2 together. Of course, I'm a sucker myself, so I snapped up the steed and set about designing my own outfit.
Matching an outfit to the Steed of the Warden proscribed plated armor and gold trim. I think I might've gotten carried away with the gold, as it ain't so much the trim as the base on some pieces, but I stuck with the plate pretty well. I discovered it somewhat difficult to do both without just straight-up using the entirety of the Rift-defender's set.
Come to think of it, this is the first time I've made steed first and outfit later. Funny how that works. I would've been inclined to create an outfit for the Steed of the Captain, but just by happenstance I'd had the perfect set created already--thus Mounted Shining Steel.
Y'all don't know how happy I am to have finally found a proper outfit for my Warden's 'moors helm. It makes Rechart look like the Juggernaut (funny, NSFW), but it's not easily complimented. Truth be told, the Helegrod War-captain armor has the same difficulties attached to it, with undyeable bright gold and leather brown bits. The Rift-defender plate shoulders, which are really the lynchpin holding this outfit and the steed together work well enough together with this aforementioned 'moors/Helegrod combo.
Here's another detail I'm pleased with: the steel scale-mail extends from neck to legs. I've used that trick previously with different legs and a not-so-different chest piece. I had to dye the whole of the breastplate white to do it this time, though. Would that cosmetic pieces had two dyeable portions to them. But check it out, the Helegrod Dragon-scale Breastplate has undyeable violet around the shoulders; that helps make visible violet bit of Brosh's Cloak stick out less. Or maybe more, I dunno. By the way, Brosh's Cloak drops from the new Great Goblin instance, and in U9.1 will have a teal version too.
So what made Slayer of the Sword-Halls work so well with the Steed of the Warden, in my opinion, was the plate shoulders. That wasn't a lesson I was about to forget while making my own outfit, so I chose to use the Rift-defender's Shoulders. The steed was therefore dyed a nice cool navy. I get a little clipping from the Warden's Saddle, but I don't think there's a more appropriate choice available. I'm digging all the sharp objects on the Vagabond's Accessories too
Warsteed Pieces:
  • Head:  Warden's Halter (navy); LotRO store
  • Body:  Warden's Caparison (navy); LotRO store
  • Saddle:  Warden's Saddle (default); LotRO store
  • Legs:  Light Leggings of the Sutcrofts (navy dye); Sutcrofts quests
  • Tail:  Default (default)
  • Hide:  Default (sorrel)
  • Accessory:  Vagabond's Accessory; LotRO store
Character Pieces:
  • Head:  Spear Lord's Helm (navy dye); Ettenmoors, Warden
  • Shoulders:  Ceremonial Rift-defender's Shoulders (default dye [gold]); skirm camp
  • Back:  Brosh's Cloak (navy dye); Great Goblin might drop
  • Chest:  Ceremonial Dragon-scale Breastplate (white dye); skirm camp
  • Hands:  Ceremonial War-captain's Gloves (navy dye); skirm camp
  • Legs:  Ceremonial War-captain's Leggings (navy dye); skirm camp
  • Feet:  Ceremonial Rift-defender's Boots (default dye [gold]); skirm camp

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