Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Warden of the Vale

While Argendauss has had a few fun custom warsteeds to ride around Middle Earth basically since week two of RoR, it was only recently that I treated my Warden Rechart to his own unique-looking steed. Something like three weeks ago I put this get-up together to fill that gap. Rather unimaginatively, I call this outfit the Warden of the Vale, though based on his color scheme I might call him the Peninsular Avanc!
The original impetuses for taking this outfit in this direction are twofold: First, I wanted to use some heavy armor pieces from this RoR expansion. Altogether the RoR quest/rep armor sets are eyesores, but certain quality pieces exist which oughta be used.
Second, I desired an outfit that would go well with my Shield of Deliberate Assault, a Warden DPS shield which I picked up from Helegrod: Spider Wing. The Shield of Deliberate Assault happens to be the Warden shield with the highest net crit rating, so along with one of the Sutcrofts barter shields which has the highest net mastery it makes an excellent DPS shield. My Eomer crafted shield I use for tanking, and that goes well enough with Raid Ready Warden.
When I discovered that the Deliberate Assault shield and the Hytbold armor were both accented by bronze, I knew I had the beginnings of an outfit on my hands.
So I'd decided on three pieces of the outfit--heavy Hytbold gloves and boots and the Shield of Deliberate Assault--as well as burnt orange as one of the colors in its color scheme. Using the lvl 80 heavy crafted hauberk was something I wanted to do, but the sides are still messed up for men. That's when I decided I wanted to implement something I'd been thinking about since I saw this post by Daerundros of Hammad-i-Quendi. I really wanted to use the scaled leggings of the medium Hytbold armor sets, as the shape pleased me and it allowed for cool possibilities to pair with certain older chest pieces. The scales of the medium Draig chests didn't dye or match the medium Hytbold leggings of any color, so I shifted to the heavy chest armor. In the final iteration of this outfit, I realized the Champ Helegrod sets had this cool scale-mail texture underneath the breastplate, so I paired them together.
The splash of cobalt blue that the undyeable Champ breastplate was welcome, as implementing a robust color scheme in my outfits is something I don't always do so well. It gave me a chance to use the Torahammas's Cloak clone from Parth Celebrant, which for me also happened to be undyeably cobalt blue with bronze trim. Apparently that cloak gets a certain dye color when acquired and is different for everyone. So I dyed my gloves and boots to match my shield and slapped on the Town Saver's Helm lest you forget that this outfit is all about the bronze highlights. Bam, outfit.
As for the accompanying warsteed, I thought this a good time to bring out the Light Banded Leather Caparison that I'd earned from a lootbox. See the saddle area here is undyeably burnt orange. Good thing that's pretty close to the color of some of my armor! Also, I went to the store and picked out an accessory I thought worked well with the set. The last major thing I did was recolor the steed. I chose copper, but perhaps a light grey would have worked as well.
Warsteed Pieces:
  • Head:  Light Halter of the Sutcrofts (Evendim blue); Sutcrofts quests
  • Body:  Light Banded Leather Caparison (Evendim blue); lootbox
  • Saddle:  Light Saddle of the Norcrofts; Norcrofts quests
  • Legs:  Light Leggings of the Sutcrofts (orange dye); Sutcrofts quests
  • Tail:  Default (flaxen chestnut)
  • Hide:  Default (copper)
  • Accessory:  Axeman's Accessory; LotRO store
Character Pieces:
  • Head:  Ceremonial Town-Saver's Helm (sienna dye); skirm camp
  • Shoulders:  Huranc (sienna dye); Pits T2
  • Back:  Cloak of the Banisher; Parth Celebrant quest line
  • Chest:  Dragon-scale Breastplate; Helegrod Champion set
  • Hands:  RoR quest/rep heavy gloves (orange dye)
  • Legs:  RoR quest/rep medium leggings (white dye)
  • Feet:  RoR quest/rep heavy boots (orange dye)


  1. Awesome! I really like how you continued the grey scale down from the chest into the leggings. The vibrant blue and bronze look great together too and everything looks great with the warsteed pieces. Really nice job! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to hear the blue and bronze work.

      Having leggings continue the pattern of the chest piece is my favorite trick in the book right now, though it's only really a trick if the legs and chest are from different sets like in Dog of War and perhaps Acolyte of Dagor. Glad you appreciate it!

    2. Awesome outfit Jackson! I absolutely love the blue combined with the bronze. So regal! The crazy pants make the outfit look really special. Well done!

    3. Hey Hymne, happy that you like it! Crazy pants? Yeah those are some tight leggings underneath the armor now that I look closer... I'll have a talk with Rechart

  2. I love the looks of the war-steed in this one, and it looks great with the outfit. Nice job!