Sunday, September 1, 2013

Glory to Arstotzka!

So over the past several days, I've played and enjoyed the hell out of an indie game called Papers, Please. The premise of the game is--bear with me--playing a stamp-wielding immigration officer in the communist nation of Arstotzka. Glory to Arstotzka! In sorting out in my head why I find this game fun, I've identified the two biggest reasons as puzzles and feels.

First, a bit more background: You're an immigration officer, thanks to the October 1982 labor lottery in your homeland of Arstotzka. You were placed in a Class 8 apartment when you were relocated to East Grestin to run the immigration office there. You have four other mouths to feed, and you get paid per immigrant successfully processed. There's also a Steam achievement for clawing your way up to having a Class 5 apartment; these last two things combined to be very compelling for me.