Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hello! A few weeks ago I was on quite the zombie gaming kick. I didn't really do it on purpose either; I guess playing several games in a row with the same theme and setting is bound to happen when said theme and setting is so common/overused. Also, I'm not sure why I'm so interested in zombie fiction and apocalyptic settings, even after reading some theories on why it's so popular as a genre. I just embrace that I am. (Also I freakin' love Cracked, check that last link out for sure.)

But yeah, as passé as it is, I played a string of zombie games in Sept. 2013. It was good fun--got some thoughts to share. I think I'll stick with just one of those games for this post.

So back in my first years of college, I was a huge fan of Valve's Left 4 Dead game, and its sequel. Playing those games introduced me to a group of buddies I still hang with now and then, and still rep on my steam handle. But the L4D series are really well made games. That's some primo co-op FPS gameplay right there. As usual for a Valve game, it was populated with fantastic characters with excellent dialogue. So good--in fact, let me introduce you to the characters from each game's opening cinematic scene.

Left 4 Dead

Bill - Old man. 'Nam vet. Father figure.
Francis -  Biker dude. Tough guy. Hates everything.
Louis - Black guy. White-collar. Optimist.
Zoey - Chick. Movie-buff. Youngest one.