Hi there,

I'm Jackson, better known on Brandywine as Argendauss the Captain. I'm into making the characters I play stand out in a crowd clad in unique cosmetic creations, while retaining the look of a warrior of the Free Peoples.

This blog Plate Metal Jacket is a collection of my battle outfits. I'm showing what I enjoy creating and wearing, so you won't see any dresses or fancy tunics here.

I'm partial to dorfs and men. Playing Dwarf Fortress too much has kinda prejudiced me against elves--even the Tolkien ones. Refusing to trade for my finely crafted stone trinkets, just because I boxed them up in wooden crates, declaring war on me because I chopped down too many trees for my growing fortress... Grr! To the magma pits with you, hippies! Ivory trinkets made from the horns of your silly unicorn steeds will fetch high prices with the human traders! For one reason or another, I'm not particularly fond of hobbits either. I don't really have any out-of-context reasons for that. Thus, you won't see many of them on this blog any time soon.

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